KFPS presents:

Stallion inspection
7-8-9 january 2021

Friesian Proms cancelled
7-8 january 2021

More info will follow. A beautiful compilation of the Stallion Inspection and the jubilee show nights Friesian Proms 2020.

Video compilation edition 2020

Faderpaard compilatie

Photos Stallion inspection 2020


Britt Dekker

Britt Dekker (Purmerend, February 24, 1992) is a TV personality, presenter, YouTuber, a great horse lover and now a well-known Dutch woman. It all started in 2009. In that year, Britt participated in the RTL 5 dating program “Take Me Out”. She stood out in such a way that she was asked in 2010 for the television program “Real Girls In The Jungle”, in which she emerged as the winner. Britt’s success continues when she gets her own online television program with Ymke Wieringa on RTLXL.nl. The two visit various summer events. That same summer Britt releases her own single entitled “F*cking vet”. In March 2012, Britt can be seen in the sequel of Real Girls, entitled: “Real Girls Looking For Yourself”. In December 2011, she officially joined RTL 5. Together with Ymke, Britt makes a travel program for RTL5. In the fall of 2014, Britt can be seen as a reporter for the “The Best Idea of ​​the Netherlands”. With Jochem van Gelder at her side, she goes looking for the best invention in the Netherlands.

It is very clear that Britt has a love for horses. In addition to being a meritorious dressage rider (with which she qualified for the Dutch Championships in 2018), Britt has her own YouTube channel ‘PaardenpraatTV’. In these videos she gives useful tips about horse care, visits events, meets people from the horse world and tells everything you want to know about horses and ponies. In addition to PaardenpraatTV, since 2017 Britt Dekker can also be seen on the YouTube channel DierenpraatTV, where a new video of her is online every Monday. A YouTube channel for the true animal lover.

Since 2018 Britt has been presenting the program “Zappsport” for AVROTROS and from August 31, 2019 the animal quiz Britt’s Beestenbende can also be seen at AVROTROS. In addition, Britt got her dream horse George in 2019 for her collaboration with Talpa. Britt is going to make various programs for Talpa, in which her ambition as a rider is central. In addition to her television career, Britt’s dream comes true: her own cinema movie. Since October 2019, the horse film Whitestar has been in the cinema with Britt and her horse George as one of the main roles.

Recently the new SBS6 series / Getting saddled with Britt has started. The Netherlands gets a glimpse behind the scenes of the busy life of Britt Dekker.

Friesian Proms and Britt Dekker

Her love for the horse, dressage riding, music and of course her popularity made the organization of the FRIESIAN PROMS decide to invite Britt Dekker and her horse George to come and ride a Kür to ​​music. Already in the first phone call she was excited because she had heard of the FRIESIAN PROMS and her passions come together in it, so enthusiastic that it was immediately clear that it would come to a collaboration. Britt immediately suggested to ride a Freestyle with the title “Black & White” together with a rider with a Friesian horse and her white George. This rider has become Judith Pietersen with the famous Friesian stallion Limited Edition. A wonderful combination that will lead the audience in their enthusiasm under the song “The Pianoman” played and sung by Elvis Ediagbonya.