Waylon is the stage name of Willem Bijkerk, born in Apeldoorn. At the age of 18, he received a call in the middle of the night from his great hero Waylon Jennings, who invited him to travel to the center of country music in Nashville to work with him.
After the death of the American Country singer in 2001, Waylon returned to the Netherlands. In 2008 Waylon took part in Holland’s Got Talent. He made a big impression during his audition with the song “It’s A Man’s World” by James Brown. His talent was so noticed that a year later Universal Music was the first Dutchman to place him at the famous Motown Label with the first and immediately successful single Wicked Way with which he reached the top 10 of the Top 40.
After the single, the almost eponymous debut album Wicked Ways was released, for which he received a gold record in the TV program De Wereld Draait Door. More followed later. While he was working on his third album “Heven After Midnight” he was asked to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. He decided to ask Ilse de Lange along because he was recording an album with her as an occasional duo: “The Common Linnets”. In addition to a successful and honorable second place, the album sold 500,000 copies worldwide.
The successful third (a number 1 listing) and fourth album came out, he became a coach in the TV program It Takes 2, later that year 2016 he took place as a jury member on the swivel chair of The Voice, sold-out concerts in Rotterdam AHOY followed and sold-out tours in clubs and theaters.

Friesian Proms 2020 and Waylon

It worked! After several attempts to perform during previous editions, the FRIESIAN PROMS organization has managed to get Waylon to join the line up. Previously there was no room in the agenda.
Waylon is now enthusiastic about his performance and the songs he will sing. In addition, a musical ode to the horse (!) will not be missing, his first single Wicked Way and a few well-known and catchy and impressive songs will be in the repertoire. All this will be accompanied live by The Symphonic Music Connection and the FRIESIAN PROMS choir. We are looking forward to it!