KFPS presents:

Stallion inspection
7-8-9 january 2021

Friesian Proms cancelled
7-8 january 2021

More info will follow. A beautiful compilation of the Stallion Inspection and the jubilee show nights Friesian Proms 2020.

Video compilation edition 2020

Faderpaard compilatie

Photos Stallion inspection 2020


Elvis E

Elvis E (in full Elvis Ediagbonya) was born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria. He has worked with various gospel artists in Nigeria. In 2004 he moved to the Netherlands and started his own production company Edias production where he used all his talents. Starting his own production company enabled him to produce music for himself and third parties and to perform in numerous projects such as musicals, the theater production Soul of Motown, live concerts in well-known places but also churches, etc. Elvis E has composed and arranged music for various well-known artists in the Netherlands. In addition to all this, he is also a vocal coach and a choir director.

Friesian Proms and Elvis E

Elvis E and Britt Dekker with her horse George. Maybe you think “what do they have in common with each other ..?” Well, during the FRIESIAN Proms 2020  5th Edition Britt Dekker and her horse George will perform a Kür together with Judith Pietersen and her horse Limited Edition. A freestyle without music is of course not possible. Britt has dropped her choice on the song “The Pianoman” and that is a blow to Elvis E his (piano) hands .. During the Freestyle Elvis will play live and sing “The Pianoman” live. However, it does not stop with this song alone. What Elvis E will play and sing more together with The Symphonic Music Connection and the FRIESIAN PROMS choir during this special concert show evenings. Be surprised!