KFPS presents:

Stallion inspection
7-8-9 january 2021

Friesian Proms cancelled
7-8 january 2021

More info will follow. A beautiful compilation of the Stallion Inspection and the jubilee show nights Friesian Proms 2020.

Video compilation edition 2020

Faderpaard compilatie

Photos Stallion inspection 2020


Helmut Lotti

It is sometimes said that music must be in your genes. This is certainly the case with Helmut Lotti. At the age of five years old he experienced his first stage experience at the Ghent Opera in the role of the son of a Marquis. In 1989 he participated in the popular Soundmix show in the Netherlands where he played My Boy by Elvis Presley. He finished second and was offered a contract for a full CD. Initially under the stage name Kevin Leach but he decided to stay closer to himself and soon changed his name to Helmut Lotti. A shortening of his name Helmut Lotigiers.

After an initially Flemish success, reluctantly followed the French-speaking part of Belgium, Walonia. Helmut Lotti finally made his international breakthrough in 1995. Many albums with diverse music styles ranging from classical repertoire by Luciano Pavarotti to rock and roll by Elvis Presley (Helmut is a big Elvis fan) and African, Russian, South American and pop music followed. Many Concerts and TV appearances in a large number of European countries, the US, Canada, etc., could not have been missed. As icing on the cake and recognition of his great talent, the public has embraced him and Helmut Lotti has received many music prizes and the Royal Honor Officer in the Order of Leopold.

FRIESIAN PROMS and Helmut Lotti

Helmut Lotti for an exclusive guest appearance on the FRIESIAN PROMS 202 – 5th Edition. Again the international character of the FRIESIAN PROMS is endorsed. In addition to having contracted in the field of horses Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman. The organization has succeeded in providing the coming FRIESIAN PROMS 5th Edition with an extra surprise and none other than the Belgian Helmut Lotti for an exclusive guest performance (in 2020 no concerts will be held in Netherlands instead) to the line up. Very special because Helmut never performs without his own orchestra but found this to be a very special occasion for which he makes an exception. His motivation, “Where can you find a combination of a large orchestra, choir, artists and horse performances …”

As you can read, Helmut Lotti is a big fan of Elvis Presley. There is a good chance that he will bring a tribute to The King in addition to some light classical titles. It is a surprise to see what horse performances will frame him. That it will be a special part of the FRIESIAN PROMS concert show is certain!