KFPS presents:

Stallion inspection
7-8-9 january 2021

Friesian Proms cancelled
7-8 january 2021

More info will follow. A beautiful compilation of the Stallion Inspection and the jubilee show nights Friesian Proms 2020.

Video compilation edition 2020

Faderpaard compilatie

Photos Stallion inspection 2020


LORENZO – International Horse Show

LORENZO – The Flying Frenchman and his black and white horses, sixteen in total, are our guests at the FRIESIAN PROMS 2020 5th Edition!

The internationally renowned French ‘equine artist’ Lorenzo has been riding horses since he was six. The first horse he rode was Niasque, a small Camargue horse on which he developed his balance and agility and on which he performed all sorts of acrobatic manoeuvres. When he was only eight years old(!) he gave his first show. By now in his early thirties, LORENZO has developed an unparalleled show and has visited over 28 countries with it. His leaves his audiences, including many royals, spellbound and he and his horses are rewarded with standing ovations.

His shows are truly, incredibly unique, like for instance his stand-up dressage which originates from Hungary, as illustrated by the act with four horses – shoulder to shoulder – whereby he, very impressively, jumps several obstacles at a full gallop.


Of course we intend to provide lavish entertainment for this 5th edition of FRIESIAN PROMS but succeeding in contracting this internationally famous and recognised horse show for FRIESIAN PROMS is absolutely fabulous. It simply goes to show that FRIESIAN PROMS has more and more captured the attention of famous artists and renowned, much sought-after persons and producers of equine shows.

LORENZO comes with twelve black and white horses and will treat the audience to a stunning show, including the act where he jumps obstacles with multiple horses all at one time, standing on two of them. Sometimes the roles are reversed and LORENZO is the one to do the jumping… It´s not a coincidence his show name is ‘LORENZO The Flying Frenchman’.

For LORENZO too it´s bound to be a special performance because giving a show to the live music of the 45 musicians of The Symphonic Music Connection and …….. (sorry, we´re not going to spill the beans just yet..!) is just as new to him.

We´re convinced that each and everyone of you will give him that standing ovation at the end!