KFPS presents:

Stallion inspection
7-8-9 january 2021

Friesian Proms cancelled
7-8 january 2021

More info will follow. A beautiful compilation of the Stallion Inspection and the jubilee show nights Friesian Proms 2020.

Video compilation edition 2020

Faderpaard compilatie

Photos Stallion inspection 2020


For years on end the Stallion Inspection has been known for its sociable shopping village where numerous companies from both equestrian as well as related fields come to promote their products. For the duration of busy days the shopping village is the perfect platform to introduce your firm to a wide public, the visitors of the Stallion Inspection and FRIESIAN PROMS.

For this event the best Friesian horses and over 25,000 enthusiasts from all continents flock to our annual meeting in Leeuwarden. The event can be followed online on internet/TV/social media which extends its reach to far above the 100,000 visitor mark.

In addition to all inspections and a diverse range of clinics the event hosts a musical gala evening in which the Friesian breed takes centre stage in a spectacular theatre show known to be hugely popular with a wide audience.

Stand in Exhibitor village

  • Stand area 4 to 40 m2          € 55,- p/m2
  • Stand area 40 to 100 m2      € 45,- p/m2
  • Stand area 100+ m2             € 45,- p/m2

Stand area is including floor covering excluding facility costs

  • Stand 4 x 4 m2                       € 1,495,-

Including 2 duospots, electricity, stand walls and Friesianlist




Make the most of the exclusive VIP arrangements during the 5th Edition of the FRIESIAN PROMS.

Application for an exhibitor´s stand