Thursday January 9th

Second viewing

Second Viewing of the appointed stallions.


Friday January 10th

Horses2Fly KFPS Sportcompetitie Tuigen

Vrijdag 10 Januari vindt de Horses2Fly Sportcompetitie Tuigen plaats.

Finale Friesian Talent Cup

The finals of the competition for 3-year-old Friesian horses with dressage aptitude.

Educatief Clinic Programma

In cooperation with YoungKFPS the KFPS organises a first-rate and instructive clinic programme mixed in with the KFPS Sport Competition Show Driving.


Saturday January 11th

Stallion Inspection 2020

As tradition has it the Saturday is reserved for the Stallion Inspection of the registered Studbook stallions, with at the end of the afternoon the selection of the Champion as the final highlight. The programme will be alternated with a mix of show elements.